01About us

AI motion is a company specializing in providing AI motion sensor and digital technology solutions. It is also a leading high-tech enterprise devoted to transformation of production- education-research achievements in China. The Company has currently completed commercialization of the following two aspects:
1. Digitalized upgrading of traditional sports equipment.
2. A digitalized AI sports platform integrating hardware and software.

02Product system

The integrated digital platform for the youth’s sports education

Al+ accurate teaching; Simple, efficient and easy to operate; users include 300000+ students from 280+ schools

03Investment policy

We hope that our partners: have a connection with education bureaus and schools in districts and counties, have the ability to serve schools, are equipped with professional teams and share the same concepts and values with us.


  • 01.Low threshold for starting a business

    Pay a deposit of 20,000 yuan to join us

  • 02. High project revenue

    Gross profit above the market level
    Double income from Hardware + software services

  • 03. Preferential welfare policy

    Low transaction price
    Compensation of up to one million

Support in many ways
  • Pre-project investment evaluation | partner mechanism, rapid return of investment costs
  • Media publicity | multi-channel brand promotion
  • Platform data support | efficient SaaS back-office management system
  • Visit schools |accompanied by specially-assigned persons to visit education bureaus/famous schools and expand customer base
  • 1v1 marketing support | marketing training, and guidance of promotional materials
  • Product system training | product training guidance, online training +offline practice

05Distributors who intend to join us

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