AI sports solutions

AI sports solutions help teenagers who are urgent but unable to improve their physical fitness to make rapid progress in a very short period of time, by making use of IoT, big data, AI, and other technological means to accurately realize the "stratified teaching " or "group teaching". With the help of these solutions, the contents that students are poor in can be accurately improved in class, and targeted after-class assignments can be automatically generated according to students’ e-records. Utilization of AI+ Accurate Teaching is conducive to the physical fitness improvement of elementary and junior school students nationwide in a large-scale and efficient way.

In class - data-driven teaching to achieve precise improvement
  • Stratified teaching
  • Group teaching
  • Co-teaching
After class- seamless home-school interaction to achieve precise supervision
  • Efficient operations such as "daily exercise", "weekly competition" and "monthly examination"
  • Be data-driven to provide the students with the most suitable exercise programs
  • Create students' digital sports records

Integrated digital platform for the youth’s sports education

The integrated digital platform for the youth’s sports education is an exclusive tool created for education bureaus, schools and parents to complete sports teaching, training and assessment. Teachers can monitor the sports data of their students by clicking the buttons on their handheld terminals, which is conducive to accurate teaching, targeted homework assignments and scientific improvement of sports performance. We are dedicated to setting up traceable physical health e-records for students and creating a digital platform for sports education that enables real-time interaction among the education bureaus, schools and families.

  • Teaching
  • learning
  • practicing
  • competing
  • testing
  • examination
  • assessment

Regional management platform cockpit

Collect the data related to classroom training and monitoring of students’ health in real time;

  • Easy to operate, and realize unperceptive acquisition to enhance the efficiency of classroom teaching;
  • Provide Web-end visualized interface for the whole district/school to scientifically assess teaching quality and learning outcomes;
  • Use home-school interaction app to monitor classroom training, assign and submit homework, do after-class exercises, and organize tournament activities.
  • Easy to operate
  • visualized interface
  • interaction app